All things you should know about of Christian funeral services

Christians strongly believe in life after death. According to Christians, the good at Christian funeral services for a loved one who has passed away should emphasise that person finding permanent peace in Heaven. The funeral service is also intended to offer those in mourning courage to deal with their loss.

The Process of a Christian Burial

Before the body is buried in sacred ground, there are several steps in a Christian burial. They are as follows:

Getting the Body Ready

The deceased person’s body is washed prior to burial. As they would have been when receiving Communion, the person is positioned with their hands crossed on top of their chest. He or she may hold a prayer book or rosary if they so choose.

Who makes the body ready for burial?

The funeral director makes these arrangements in contemporary North American society. These tasks used to be carried out by family members, and the body was traditionally prepared for burial at home.

Christianity’s Wake

The modern equivalent of the traditional custom of sitting with the dead is the wake. At the funeral home, friends and family are welcomed to share in the family’s sorrow.

The Funeral Service in Christianity

The ceremonies included in a Christian burial ceremony are the same, despite variations by denomination.

  1. The priest or minister should enter first if the burial service is being performed in a church. Family members accompany the pallbearers as they carry the casket. The same procedures are followed when exiting the church when the service is over.
  2. Throughout the service, hymns are sung and prayers are read. They were picked for their sense of comfort and hope.
  3. A speech or homily will be delivered by the priest or minister. It will serve as a reminder to those gathered for the funeral of the Christian view of death, which holds that people who have died in faith will experience eternal life with God.
  4. Scripture verses will be read. The service will include a reading from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Gospels. The funeral ceremony will feature Holy Communion.
  5. After the service, friends and relatives will leave the church and head to the graveyard.

The Christian Internment

A brief service is also held at the graveside during Christian burials. The priest or minister will say prayers when the body is laid to rest. Final farewells are said by family members and friends.


It is customary in several Christian faiths to hold a prayer service at the wake. During the service, scriptures and prayers with a consoling message are read. There may also be a eulogy at this point.