How to draw manga illustrations in five easy steps!

Manga is another word for Japanese comics. While America may find out as one of the latest FADS centuries, Manga has become an important part of Japanese culture for years, and carries billions of dollars in income. From the child-friendly Pokémon to a more mature and dramatic protection, there is something for every age group and a walk of life that includes many subjects: Roman, action, comedy and adventure. This is what makes the manga so popular and why so many people want to make their own manga illustrations. To guide an easy way to draw the right manga, follow the steps below.

1. Have a supply in hand. Before sitting and starting, you definitely want to make sure all the supplies in the hand you need for a successful manga drawing lesson. Because art equipment can be expensive, and you will do a little removal at first, practice drawing with multi-purpose white paper, and with many pencils # 2. Ruler, eraser and sketch pad will also be useful.

2. Become accustomed to basic forms. The key to building manga learning and accurate images is to get a head shape correctly. As the most difficult part of the image, the head is very important and may require the most time you need to spend. This can help buy books to draw manga from local bookstores or from online tutorials. Practice drawing balls, cones, cubes and cylinders.

3. Start with oval. After you have a basic understanding of the equipment you need and the shape you will draw, you can get ready, ready, and draw! This is our strategy for โดจิน step-by-step steps that are easy to draw a successful manga. First, start by drawing an oval form for the head. The shape is outline by connecting a simple framework line to the body, ensuring 6-7 heads. Then, start adding a cylinder shape to the body for arms, legs, shoulders, muscles and joints. Finally, connect the connection by adding facial features and other fine details.

4. Concentrate on the eye. Drawing your character’s eyes is one of the most important parts of manga images. You will want to start by drawing a curved line up for the upper eyelid, and drawing a diagonal line that reaches a point. Create a circle in the eye to draw iris, and draw pupils and circular eyelashes that follow the eyelid curve. Darkle pupils to black, add eyelashes and eyebrows.

5. Apply the last touch. Finally, you want to complete your manga character’s face. Start with a circle and divide it into three with a simple and straight line. Picture the line below the circle, and this will be a chin. Along the second line, make your nose and underneath your mouth. Finally, delete the line and add facial details. Now you really drawn the manga character finished!